Expect Greater, or Consent to Mediocrity

expect You get what you expect!

If you only focus on the here and now, regardless of your current circumstances, you don’t have the right to expect a better life.

It takes a vision formulated in your heart and mind, to inspire you to action. The consistent right action eventually leads to desired results. Yes, it requires change, however, if nothing is changed, nothing will change.

3 Keys to Expect Greater

  1. Be optimistic: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller
  2. Plan properly: “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
  3. Have a vision:¬†“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.” – George Washington Carver

In an earlier post, we talked about some benefits of goal-setting. However, even the best-laid plans to reach your goals are useless without great expectations.

I know you may be thinking about all of the mistakes of your past. Trust me, we’ve all made decisions and acted on impulse, only to regret those actions later. If you’re human you’ve experienced the disappointment of being let down. However, the greatest setbacks have resulted in even greater comebacks.

The secret to your comeback is how you view those pesky challenges that have kept you from living your best life. It starts with managing your expectations, which can be done without compromising your standards. In Expectation Hangover, you’ll uncover how to free yourself from your past and move onto a life without limits and greater expectations.

What you can expect from No-Limit Life

Here is a short list of the titles we are working on for the next few posts. Take a look and let us know if there is one you’re more excited about than another. Also, take a moment to make suggestions of the kinds of posts or content you’d like us to consider.

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  • 10 Foundational Success Principles Not Taught in School
  • The Ultimate Guide to A Life Without Limits
  • Goal Setting: How to gauge measurable results
  • The Best Day Starts with the Right Attitude
  • The Cure for Excusitis, the Failure Disease

By now you may be wondering if my intent is to brainwash you. Well, as a matter of fact, you are correct. No situation can be changed with the same level of thinking that got you there in the first place. Again, in order for something to be different, the origin has to be different.

What to expect from yourself expect

As much as I would enjoy that level of influence over you, there is no way I can tell you what to expect from yourself. Because if it were that simple, there would be no room for mediocrity in the entire world, because of the overflowing abundance of personal success.

Therefore, here are a few suggested tips to help you take full advantage of the information we’ll routinely share on the No-Limit site:

  • Accept the challenge to your current way of thinking.
  • Seek out answers from trusted sources.
  • Ask specific questions anytime something is requested of you.
  • Be willing to change, at whatever cost.
  • Don’t settle for less than you truly desire in each important area of your life.
  • Set right priorities, set your plan, and take action on what you decide you want to accomplish.

Don’t Expect an Easy Road to Success

Since we all know there is no such thing as guaranteed success, however, there are guaranteed opportunities that can lead to success. The challenge for most is the negativity in the world constantly bombarding us. Of course, unless you live in a bubble, the media will gladly remind you of how impossible it is to achieve any relevant level of success.

The first step is to believe that you can achieve your dreams and goals. Then you must develop a can-do, no-quit attitude. Associate with like-minded individuals who share your drive for personal success. Someone that can hold you accountable, and encourage you when you’ve missed the mark. And lastly, feed your mind with sound success principle techniques and systematically apply what you’re learning.

It can feel overwhelming and you will fight through temptations to quit. However, remember to give yourself some time. Afterall what has taken decades to establish, is not going to change in 6 easy steps.

So there you have some food for thought. As you ponder the possibilities take a moment to share some of your tips for success, any recent ‘aha moments’, and what you’d like to accomplish in 2018!

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